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Our snapbars are essential for every wax lover! Split in to five equal chunks, you get up to 5 melts per bar, depending on your usage. 

New to wax? Here's some tips from us:
How much you use in one go is personal choice. Our snapbars are split in to 5 equal chunks; most of the time, we like to use one chunk at a time, depending on what scent it is and how strong/subtle it is. As an example, Snow Fairy and Black Cherry are known for being very powerful scents and I would recommend using one chunk for ones like these. 

If you have any allergens or would like to review the SDS/CLP for any of our scents before you purchase, then please let us know before placing an order so we can ensure that you are safe and fully informed. Mystery Boxes are pre-packaged and sealed, so we are unable to take scent requests for scents you would or would not like to see. The Wee Wax Co is not responsible for your personal dislike to scents inside the box. Mystery boxes are non-refundable and non-returnable.