Wholesale, White Label, Reps and Re-Selling

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Wholesale and White Label
I briefly mentioned Wholesale and White Label in our FAQ's section. We are a wee family run business, so we are not looking for any Wholesale or White Label opportunities currently. We will update the website if this was to change. 

Reps and Re-Selling
Same as above; because we started out being family run, we are keen to keep it that way. We are not looking for any reps and we do not authorise the re-selling of any of our products (using our branding or not).
It was recently bought to our attention that another company was using our images and our products but re-selling them for a dearer price. We have sorted this out now but if you are reading this as a customer, please remember the only places you can buy our products and ensure you receive our high quality levels of product and service is directly from us on our website or from The Gifting Tree shop in Aberdeen.

For opportunities please contact us by e-mail: theweewaxco@outlook.com.

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